Futa Naked In School 10 – Loving Her Futa Girlfriend 2: Salome’s Futa Passions Exposed

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Futa Naked In School – Loving Her Futa Girlfriend

Chapter Two: Salome’s Futa Passions Exposed

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Salome Cardozo’s Week, Tuesday

I knelt trembling bent over the cafeteria table, my body aching for this delight. For Shelena’s futa-cock to ram into my asshole and satiate that lust that had been plaguing me all day. I knew it was wrong. I stared into my futa-girlfriend’s eyes, wanting to deny my lusts for another.

But I was so horny.

Going naked all day.

Touched. Caressed. Teased. Futas had rubbed my nipples and fingering my twat. Now the futa who’d fucked me up the ass every day before classes began since last fall had her cock poised to do the same right now before everyone. My body craved it. I wanted it.

And I if I didn’t do it, she would bully my Paloma again. It would start up. The football team would join her. I hated her as much as I craved that big, thick, Black futa-dick fucking my tight asshole. I would cum so hard on her girth.

“I’m sorry!” I moaned to my futa-girlfriend. “I’ve been doing this for you. I’ve been paying for your protection from being bullied with anal sex.”

A ripple ran through the crowd. A buzzing murmur.

“That’s how much I love you,” I moaned. “And if I don’t… Right now…” I knew these words were pathetic lies to justify my lusts. I just wanted to be fucked in the asshole and damn the consequences. I hated my body so much right now. I couldn’t fight my lusts.

I was addicted to Shelena’s cock.

“Shelena, fuck my asshole and leave my futa-girlfriend alone!” I howled for the entire cafeteria to hear.

“Salome,” I just heard Paloma say as she watched me, her hands clasped before her. This moment seemed frozen. I drank in the look of her. She was Hispanic, like me, her black hair gathered in identical pigtails to my own. They fell down to the shoulders of her tank top. She wore a skirt that rustled about her thighs. We both had small breasts, could even share bras if we wanted to. She was so beautiful.

I wished I had never agreed to the deal with Shelena, and yet… I was glad I had spared Paloma pain for all these months until now.

Time seemed to lurch again as Shelena roared her triumph as she thrust hard into my bowels. Her lubed futa-dick parted my asshole with ease. She had trained me for months and months. My body had grown accustomed to this daily delight. I groaned and wrenched my gaze from my futa-girlfriend.

I didn’t want to look at Paloma as I became an anal slut for Shelena.

“She loves my futa-cock so much!” Shelena moaned, reveling the truth as she buried in me. “She’s going to cum so hard on my dick.”

The murmuring rippled around us. Everyone was watching. A large crowd grew as my pigtails swayed around my face. Shelena drew back and then slammed into me. I gasped, the pleasure burning so hot through my body.

I wanted to get this bliss from Paloma earlier, but her fingers just weren’t Shelena’s huge cock. The Black futa moaned as she slammed into me hard. Her crotch smacked into my rump. My virgin pussy clenched, drinking in the heat flowing down from my bowels.

“She loves it so much!” groaned Shelena. “Listen to her gasp and moan as I fuck her. Hear her pleasure. She’s my anal slut! I love this girl so much!”

I squeezed my bowels down around her big girth, moaning just like she said. I couldn’t help it. My body was a slave to her big, Black clit-dick. My hips wiggled, stirring my bowels around her cock just the way I licked it. My pussy juices soaked my bush. They dribbled down my thighs as she hammered me.

“Yes, yes, Salome! Tell everyone how much you love my dick!” She thrust hard into me, her hands stroking my back and sides, teasing me. “Don’t be shy. No more hiding it. No more secret meeting before classes. You can be open about your feelings. Let your futa-girlfriend know who makes you wet.”

“I… I do love being fucked up the asshole!” I panted. “Not at first with you, but after a while… I can’t help it. Oh, yes, yes! I’m going to cum on this dick. Don’t look at me, Paloma! I’m so sorry!”

“Don’t be!” Shelena groaned. “You’re in the Program. Be free with your desires. Don’t let anyone, not even your futa-girlfriend, stop you from being with the cock you love. From the futa you crave.”

I shuddered at her words. The murmuring around us grew. I couldn’t understand the words. Everyone must think I was a complete slut. I whimpered, my shame only making this feel better. It was like I was punishing myself with pleasure.

Showing everyone that I was a complete, hypocritical whore.

I rocked back into her thrusts. Her cock rammed hard and deep into me. She filled me again and again. My bowels clenched on her dick, worshiping it with every hard thrust. The pleasure built and built in my cunt.

I was going to cum hard.

“Oh, yes, fuck me!” I moaned in burning shame. “Fuck my ass! I love it! I want to cum on your dick, Shelena! I’ve needed it all day!”


Paloma still watched. How could she? Didn’t she see how terrible I was? I couldn’t look at her as I took that big dick in my asshole. I rocked back into Shelena’s thrusts. My breasts jiggled beneath me. Flesh slapped flesh. It echoed through the room. That naughty sound spilled around me. I loved it. My cunt clenched, my pussy on fire from the futa’s hard strokes.

Juices spilled down my thighs in thicker rivulets. I came closer and closer to that climax. I threw back my head, not focusing on anyone. They were all a sea of faces watching Shelena use me. I gasped and moaned, squeezing my bowels down around her cock.

“You want my cum flooding your asshole,” the Black futa growled. Her hands grabbed my pigtails, pulling hard on them.

“Yes!” I moaned, rocking back into her. “Fire all that jizz in me! I need it, Shelena. I’m such an anal whore! I crave it all the time these days. It’s all I can think about! You made me into this with that cock.”

“Damn straight,” Shelena moaned. “You’re going to be mine now, aren’t you? Going to give me that cherry pussy.”

Her hand shoved down from my hair to slid across my body. In a second, she was between my thighs, her delicate fingers rubbing at my pussy. I gasped as she stroked me. This wave of heat washed through my body as she caressed up and down my body.

“You’re going to give me this hot, little pussy, aren’t you?” Shelena moaned. “I love you so much. You’re going to be mine!”

I exploded.

Her fingers on my clit sent me over the edge. I gasped and shuddered, my asshole writhing about her cock. She slammed into my anal depths and groaned. The rush of pleasure shot through me as she fired her cum into my bowels.

“Yes!” Shelena howled in triumph, the futa’s voice sounding so delicious. “Oh, you sexy girl. You’re making my pussy spasm so hard as I flood your asshole. Love you, Salome!”

My bowels milked her cock. My juices soaked her fingers. Deep in my virgin twat, my pussy convulsed. Waves rippled through me. Stars twinkled before my eyes. I groaned and gasped the pleasure burned through my nerves and set my mind on fire.

“You’re mine!” gasped Shelena.

“I’m not!” I howled. “You’re done cumming in me! Get out of my asshole! I paid for the damned day!”

Shelena gasped, “What? Oh, no, you’re going to get my dick rammed up your cunt!”

I launched my hands across the table and grabbed the other side. I pulled myself forward, ripping my asshole off her cock. Her cum rippled around inside of me. I slid to the edge, the crowd by there parting for me as Shelena shouted behind me.

“Get back here!” Shelena gasped. “I deserve that fucking cherry! I’ve been working hard to get it. You fucking bring that cunt back here and let me fuck it.”

My bare feet hit the ground and ran, tears streaming down my face. I had satiated my lust, climaxed so hard, and hated every moment of it. I destroyed everything with Paloma. My pace quickened, my legs stretching out into a full sprint. Everyone parted before me, letting me pass.

No one tried to stop me as Shelena screeched like a harpy behind me.

I burst through the double doors and darted into the empty hallways. Tears blurred my vision as they spilled down my face. I did it for love, but I knew it was wrong. I always did. Maybe it would have been better if I just told Paloma from the beginning. Let it be her decision.

She would have endured the bullying.

Paloma was a better person than I was.

It grew hard to run while I was sobbing. My feet stumbled. I kept going. I had to get far away. Through my blurry vision, I spotted sunlight blazing through the windows set in the door ahead. A side exit. I hit the open bar across it, thrusting the door before me and spilled out into the warm, spring day. I darted right.

Found the alcove.

I headed into the place where I had ruined everything. I fell to my knees in the private spot, pressed my face into the grass, and sobbed. My grief echoed through the small area. It rippled around me as my entire body shook.

I hated Shelena so much. She would never get my cherry. She could fuck my asshole all she wanted, but I would never let her slid into my pussy. I hated her. Despised her. All that about love was just to get me to relax so she could fuck me.

I knew it.

This all was just a sick game to her.

“She’s a cunt, isn’t she?” a familiar voice said behind me.

I stiffened.

“When I found out she was using you, I didn’t know what to do. What to say. I was shocked, of course, and aroused. That confused me even more. It made me hard, Salome, knowing Shelena was fucking you up the ass morning after morning. Always smirking around me, hinting that she was doing something naughty with you.”

I was too afraid to look behind me.

“It didn’t take much to figure out why you were doing it. I’d only managed to overhear a few times, and I could şişli bayan escort tell that though she made you cum, you wouldn’t let her do more. You had rules. I should have said something to you, but I was scared.”

Paloma stepped before me and sat down on the grass, her pigtails swaying. My futa-girlfriend brushed a tear off my cheek. I stared at her in confusion.

“Things are changing,” Paloma said. “The moment the Program started, I wasn’t sure I could ever keep you all to myself. I wanted to, but then when I learned you and Shelena were doing things, I realized I could share you. I realized it made me hard.”

“What are you saying?” I finally said. “How long have you known?”

“A few months,” she said, shifting. “I didn’t know what to do. How to tell you that I… I masturbate to you fucking other people while I watch. That I want to lick you clean when you’re done with them.”

My jaw dropped.

“When Shelena was on you in the cafeteria, I should have stopped it, but then I realized it was my chance to watch.” Paloma swallowed. “How terrible was that. It was clear you didn’t wholly want to fuck her, yet I was so horny I couldn’t help it.”

“Part of me really, really did,” I whispered. “I didn’t care that you were there. I just seized on her threat to keep bullying you as an excuse to satiate my lusts. I needed her to fuck me that badly. How terrible is that? I love you and knew I would hurt you.”

She reached out to touch me and I flinched. “Salome?”

“I’m dirty. Filthy. She’s leaking out of me right now.” I could feel her. “Paloma, don’t you think you deserve better?”

“Than a girl who loved me so much, she let that terrible bitch fuck her up the ass to keep me safe?” Paloma cupped my face before I could pull back. She held me in place. “Then a girl willing to humiliate herself.”

“It wasn’t humiliating after a while,” I muttered. “I really, really liked it.”

“You’re supposed to enjoy anal sex,” said Paloma. “It’s not surprising that your body got more and more used to it. If she wasn’t someone you despised, you might have found pleasure in it sooner.”

“If it was with you.” I bit my lip. “I’ve been having sex and forcing you not to. I’ve been insisting to wait until marriage all while I was cheating on you.”

“Are you still a virgin?” she asked. She leaned forward, her lips nearing mine. “I think you are. You wouldn’t let her have that.”

“It’s yours. Always. For as long as I could remember. I’ve just been waiting.”

Paloma smiled. “how could I not love a girl who wants to give me that gift?”

She moved in to kiss me, but I shook my head. “Don’t. I’m dirty.”

“Because Shelena’s leaking out of you?”

I nodded.

“Then let’s fix that.” Paloma licked her lips. “Turn around. Show me that ass. Let me see where she fucked you.”

My eyes widened in shock. “You don’t mean to…”

Paloma nodded, her pigtails swaying about her head. “I told you what I’ve fantasized about. For weeks I’ve wanted this. I should have just come clean, but I was afraid to push you into something you wouldn’t want.”

“I was already letting Shelena fuck my asshole. It wouldn’t have changed if you knew”

“It would have. You would be doing it to protect me while I let it happen. What if you started to hare me for allowing you to endure her.”

I shivered. This was all so kinky. All so different than anything I imagined growing up. I used to imagine how it would be with Paloma when we were older. I had all these girlish dreams of making love with her. Being her wife.

They were nothing compared to the real thing: being fucked hard up the ass by a Black futa while Paloma watched.

“It’s Shelena’s cum,” I whispered. “From my butthole.”

“I don’t care. I just want to love you. Clean you.”

I shivered and knew right then and there how this was going to end. What I was going to give her today. I turned around slowly, my small breasts jiggling. The grass tickled my knees. I shuddered, my pussy on fire. The cum bubbled out of my asshole as I presented my rump to my futa-girlfriend.

Paloma’s hands grabbed my naked butt-cheeks and parted them. I groaned at her touch. She squeezed and kneaded them. She stared at my asshole. She had to see the cum dribbling out of me. It ran down to my taint.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” she asked, her fingers digging into my butt-cheeks.

“Paloma,” I said, my pigtails dangling towards the grass. They brushed the green strands. I shuddered. “Why are you so good to me.”

“Love,” she said simply.

“I love you, too,” I said, blushing. My emotions felt so whiplashed. I was surprised my soul didn’t have a sore neck. It was all so much. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

She licked her tongue up from my taint, like she was careful not to touch my pussy, and followed the spunk leaking out of my asshole. Her touch was soft and gentle, warm and wet. She reached my asshole, scooping up the salty futa-jizz.

She groaned and licked again. My futa-girlfriend liked the taste. She swirled around my asshole, licking it up, her fingers digging into my butt-cheeks. Paloma kept them pried up she rimmed my sphincter and cleaned up the girl-cum.

“Do you really like that?” I asked.

“Mmm, delicious,” she said. “I’ve tried my own. Futa-cum’s good. And it has this sour flavor. Your ass tastes pretty good. I sucked my digits clean after fingering you earlier.”

My cheeks burned at that. This was so embarrassing and yet so hot. I pressed my face down into the grass as my futa-girlfriend licked me up. Her tongue danced over my sphincter, caressing it. Delight melted down to my pussy.

Then her tongue pressed into my asshole.

I gasped at the wet and wiggling tongue sliding into my bowels. It felt so strange inside of me. Something naughty and wicked. She groaned as her tongue reached deeper into me. Then she hooked the tip and scooped out Shelena’s futa-cum.

That was naughty.

“Paloma,” I groaned, my pussy drinking in the sensation. “Paloma, you’re… I mean, that’s nice.”

“Mmm, how is it nice?” she asked before plunging her tongue back into my bowels to search for more girl-jizz.

“It’s soothing,” I moaned. “It’s naughty. It makes my pussy grow wetter and wetter. It feels… loving. Like you care for me.”

She pulled her tongue out, probably with more jizz. “I do care for you. I want to clean you up. When you’re ready, after you’ve given me your cherry, I want to lick cum out of your pussy, too. Wouldn’t that be exciting.”

“Oh, Paloma,” I gasped. “You want to share me.”

“Mmm, so long as I can watch and lick you clean and then make love to you afterward.”

“Yes!” I gasped, my bowels clenching, forcing more of the cum up to her hungry tongue.

She probed into me over and over. She had me trembling and aching. I groaned, my heart pounding as her tongue dipped into me again and again. She teased me. It was delicious. Intense. A wonderful delight to experience.

I rubbed my butt-cheeks into her face as her tongue darted and swirled around inside of me. My pussy grew wetter and wetter. Her tongue felt incredible in me. Then she did something really naughty. Something that had my virgin twat clenching.

She sucked on my asshole.

“Paloma!” I gasped. “I think… I think I’m going to cum just from this. Maybe if you finger my clit. Oh, this is so naughty. I can’t believe it. You’re amazing. Why am I so lucky to have you?”

I didn’t deserve this. Not one bit.

She should hate me. Despise me, not love me.

Her right hand trailed from my ass, stroking me with such care as she sucked on my sphincter. I felt my cum rising up to her hungry mouth. She groaned, loving the futa-jizz. Her fingers traced along my pelvis, following where my thigh met my torso. She traced it down to my bush.

To my pussy.

She found my clit and rubbed it. Her touch was gentle and amazing. I shuddered and surrendered into the pleasure. It wasn’t shameful or humiliating. It wasn’t demeaning to enjoy this. I wasn’t being a slut.

I was a girl being loved by her futa.

“Paloma!” I howled, my voice echoing through the alcove. Sparks flared from my clit as I came.

My pussy convulsed, sending these wonderful waves of delight through me. They swept through my body. My asshole clenched about her tongue. She felt so naughty swirling around inside of me. I groaned, my fingers tearing at the grass.

It was amazing. Stupendous.

My little titties jiggled as I trembled there. The waves kept coming, kept surging through me. They felt so wonderful. The feel of her tongue dancing through my asshole fed the delight surging through my body.

A naughty passion to enjoy.

To savor.

I panted, my eyes fluttering. I shook my head as I came down from that amazing bliss. My fingers gripped the grass. My hips wiggled from side to side, rubbing my asshole against her lips as I came down from that high.

Then I spun around, threw my arms around her lips, and kissed her.

I tasted the sour flavor of my asshole and the salty flavor of Shelena’s cum. I didn’t care. I kissed her hard. With all my passion. I loved her. My tongue danced with her. I squeezed my arms tight around her, my body trembling.

This was so exciting. I needed more. I pulled her down on me. I felt her settling on me, her clothes rubbing into my naked body. Her hard cock pressed at the front of her skirt and into my groin. My nipples kissed her blouse.

Paloma broke the kiss, staring down at me with her brown eyes. Her breasts rose and fell, rubbing into my flesh. This heat rippled through me. I squirmed beneath her and nodded my head. I was ready. It didn’t have to be in a special place.

Just with a special person.

“You’re certain?” she asked anyway.

“I love you, Paloma,” I said, my hand sliding down her blouse to her skirt. I tugged on it, drawing the fabric şişli escort up between us. It caressed over my naked thighs and rubbed at my bush. I pulled it over until I was touching her cock through her panties.

I smiled as I squeezed her. I kneaded and stroked her dick, this wicked heat darting through me. I was on fire for this.

Ready to do such naughty things to her.

My fingers pushed down her panties. She helped, shoving them down her thighs. Her cock fell out into my hands. She wasn’t as big as Shelena’s, but I had never had her big, Black dick in my pussy. I bet my futa-girlfriend would feel wonderful inside of me.

“Let’s get you naked,” I panted, stroking her cock. “I want to see you.”

My futa-girlfriend gave me a shy smile and then she rose up, her cock still in my grasp, her skirt bunched around her waist. She glanced at the alcove. There was only a thin sliver you could see of the outside world. No one came around here. It was the side of the college. Then she pulled off her blouse. She popped it right off, her breasts spilling out.

Like many futas, she didn’t bother with a bra.

I bit my lip, my pussy growing hotter as I stared at her little titties. There was something just so special about a futa’s breasts. They looked just like a girl’s, but they belonged to a futa with a throbbing dick. That made them hot.

My pussy clenched as I drank in the firm shape. They had a slight jiggle as she worked off her skirt, sliding it over her futa-cock. It sprang back out, flicking a drop of precum that splashed onto my belly. She drew down her panties next, pulling off her shoes and socks in the process. She was as naked as me, her body a lovely shade of golden-brown flesh.

“Mi futa-florecita,” I moaned, using my pet name for her. My futa-flower. “You’re breathtaking.”

“And you’re not, mi sirenita?” she purred as she settled between my thighs, her futa-dick bobbing before her.

I smiled in delight.

“I’m so ready for you,” I moaned as she leaned over me, naked. Her pigtails framed her sexy face. She was so beautiful. Just the most gorgeous futa in the world. I grabbed her girl-dick again. “I want this in me. So much.”

I pulled her to my pussy. To my virgin flesh. I was ready to lose it. To be claimed by her. It would be magical. I just knew it. I stroked her, pulling her lower and lower, bringing her to my aching pussy. She would fill me.

Fuck me.

Love me.

It would be delicious. Wonderful. She would slam into me and fuck me and make me cum so hard.

I couldn’t wait. I stroked up and down her shaft, loving how hard her cock was. How she throbbed and ached. Her dick twitched in my grip as I brought her lower and lower. I nuzzled her into my cunt. She rubbed into my virgin flesh.

I shuddered, biting my lower lip as I savored the feel of her against me. It was incredible. I slid her up to nudge against my clit and then down to my pussy opening. To my hymen. She felt amazing against my virginity.

“Take me, mi futa-florecita.”

“I love you,” she whispered. “Mi amor. Mi sirenita.”

She kissed me with hunger. Our naked breasts pressed together, small and firm. Her nipples brushed mine, another type of kiss. Her cock nuzzled at my hymen. My hands slid around her body to stroke her back as our tongues dueled together.

I had made the biggest mistake of my life today, humiliated myself before the entire student body, and she still loved me. I was so lucky to have Paloma. I kissed her with hunger as she pressed against my hymen.

My cherry stretched and stretched and stretched.


I gasped as she slammed into my cunt. Her futa-dick pressed into me. This pleasure surged through my body. My tongue darted around in her mouth. I danced with her as she pressed deeper and deeper into my cunt. She filled me.

I trembled around her, squeezing her girl-dick as she plunged deeper and deeper into me. She felt so amazing. I surrendered my body utterly to her. Our nipples kissed, sparks bursting as my pussy stretched around her futa-cock.

She was more than big enough.

My asshole tingle as she drew back. I squirmed, the grass tickling my rump and even my naughty sphincter. My deflowered twat clung to Paloma’s cock, finally united with her. She thrust back into me. My pussy drank in the friction.

I groaned in delight.

It was wonderful. Magical.

My thighs wrapped around her hips. I held her tight as she pumped in and out of me. She moaned into our kiss, her eyes squeezed shut. Her pigtails caressed my cheeks, her silky strands teasing me as her futa-dick pumped away at me.

She broke the kiss. “Salome.”

I smiled at her. “Mmm, Paloma, yes. You feel so amazing in me. You’re thick and throbbing. You’re making me feel wonderful.”

She smiled and nuzzled her nose into mine. I trembled, this heat surging through me. She pumped away at me. Her cock thrust hard into me. This pleasure was incredible. I groaned, pumping away hard and fast into her.

I shuddered, clutching to her. This wonderful delight filled me again and again. She pumped away at me. She thrust into my depths. She plundered me. My cunt squeezed around her pussy. I loved the feel of her in me.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m going to explode on your dick,” I purred. “It’s going to be incredible.”

“Good,” she panted, her nipples kissing mine. “I can’t wait to lick you clean.”

I gasped in delight, my pussy squeezing around her futa-cock. “How naughty of you. I like it.”

“Every time,” she promised.

“Isn’t pussy licking supposed to be the start of lovemaking?” I asked her. “That’s what I learned in Mrs. Jordan’s health class.”

“It’ll be our end,” she panted, thrusting harder and faster into me like she was more eager to spill her seed in me so she could lick me clean than because she wanted her own orgasm.

I stroked her back, finding her desire to eat me clean so sweet and loving. My bliss built faster and faster as she plundered me. She rammed her futa-dick into me over and over. The friction drove me wild. My cunt clenched down on her, loving every hard plunge into me.

It was incredible.


The best thing in the world.

“Paloma!” I gasped, on the edge of my orgasm. Her cock thrust into my depths faster. Her crotch massaged my clit every time she buried in me. “Oh, yes. I’m almost there. I want it. I want to cum again and again.”

“Good,” she purred and kissed me, her cock slamming into me.

I came.

My pussy writhed around her girl-dick. I bucked and spasmed beneath her. I shuddered, my twat rippling and writhing about her cock. She whimpered into the kiss, hammering me with her shaft. Waves of delight washed through me.

They were far, far better than what Shelena had ever given me.

I reveled in them, stars dancing before my eyes. I groaned, our tongues dancing and dueling. My wonderful cunt was going wild around this big dick. I loved every moment of it. I whimpered, my tongue dancing through her mouth. I kissed her with such hunger, my nipples throbbing and aching.

My fingers dug into her back. I shuddered through the orgasm. It was wonderful. Intense. Amazing. I loved every moment of it. My head tossed back and forth, the stars dancing before my eyes. Bright bursts of delight that rippled through me.

She erupted in me.

Her cock pulsed into my pussy sending more delight rushing through me. I gasped and moaned, bucking beneath her as her cum fired into my cunt. She broke the kiss, gasping out, her passion echoing around us.

“¡Mi sirenita!” she howled, her pussy going wild around me.

I milked her. I worked out every drop of cum from her futa-dick so she could have as much to lick out of me as possible. Blast after blast of her wonderful jizz fired into me. It coated my pussy. Bathed me in her delight.

“I love you!” I howled, my orgasm peaking through me. “I love you so much, mi futa-florecita!”

She grinned at me and then she pulled out of my pussy. I gasped, feeling so empty. She slid down my body, her lips kissing and nibbling at my neck and down my collarbone. Her hands caressed my sides and cupped my tits. She massaged my little mounds. I gasped as her lip nipped my right nipple on her way south.

She was so eager for it.

Her brown eyes burned with her hunger. I groaned, squirming on the grass, loving it. For now, my humiliating acts were held at bay. I didn’t have to focus on how everyone at my college must think I was disgusting.

There was just Paloma and me.

She pushed my thighs apart as she kissed across my stomach. Her lips were so hot on my flesh. I shuddered, loving the feel of her. She sucked and smooched as she went lower and lower. Then she was at my bush.

She kissed through the forest, going lower and lower.

“Oh, Paloma, yes!” I panted, my pussy clenched tight. I didn’t want a single drop to escape me. She deserved to lick out all her futa-cum from me. “This is so naughty. I love it. You’re amazing.”

“And you’re gorgeous,” she said, her lips kissing right above my clit, at the top of my pussy lips. “Mmm, my cum is in you.”

“Lick me clean!”

I gasped as she parted my pussy lips. She spread me open. No hymen stood in the way of her naughty tongue plunging into me. I gasped, my back arching on the grass. Her tongue scooped upward, gathering her own jizz and bringing it into her mouth.

She moaned in delight.

I groaned as she darted her tongue in again and again. She licked and lapped and teased me. The pleasure surged through me. I gripped her hips, holding her head in place. My breasts rose and fell. The pleasure built and built inside of me. This wicked heat would drown me.

Consume me.

I loved it.

She thrust her tongue deep into my cunt. I groaned, my heart thundering in my chest. I ground against her, smearing her hot lips against my hungry pussy. I loved every lick. mecidiyeköy escort Every flutter of her naughty tongue.

My eyes squeezed shut as the bliss built and built in me. I groaned, her tongue plundering my cunt. She licked and lapped and teased me. It was amazing. The best delight in the world. I groaned, my head tossing back and forth.

“Paloma!” I groaned. “Yes, yes! Lick me clean! Eat out all your cum.”

“It’s so good!” she moaned.

She pressed her lips tight against my pussy hole and thrust her tongue in deep. I gasped, her mouth working on my cuntlips while her tongue scooped up the cum in me. I quivered. Her nose brushed my clit. Sparks burst through me.

I was going to cum again.

She built me towards that amazing climax as she devoured the creampie she made in me. Her tongue darted in again and again. My body trembled. I grabbed my little titties, squeezing them as every second brought me closer and closer to my orgasm.

It would be intense. Amazing.

An eruption of pleasure that would drown me. I groaned, tossing my head from side to side as I came closer and closer to that moment of explosion. I bit my lip, whimpering beneath the intensity of her licking.



“Oh, Madre de Diosa, yes! You’re amazing. I’m about to cum.”

She sealed her mouth around my pussy hole and sucked hard. I gasped as I felt my juices and the last of her cum being drawn out of the deepest parts of my cunt. My thighs clamped about her as I bucked and writhed.

It was intense.


I couldn’t take much more of this. Her lips rubbed on my clit. She massaged that little bud as she drank all of her cum out of my pussy. Then her tongue flicked up to my bud. She swirled around it. My fingers dug into my tits.

“¡Mi futa-florecita!” I howled at the top of my lungs as I came.

My pussy juices gushed out of me. I gave her something new to drink as the tidal wave of bliss rushed out of me. The huge sweep of bliss crashed over me. I gasped, humping against her, bucking, shuddering, moaning out in delight.

My mind drowned in the rapture. It eddied and swirled about me. This amazing bliss that had me dizzy and shuddering. I groaned, my body swaying two and fro. It was incredible to feel. To experience.

The rapture drowned me.

“Oh, yes, yes, Paloma!” I moaned, bucking on the grass as she drank up my juices. My orgasm swept me farther and farther into the depths of ecstasy. “I love you, mi futa-florecita!”

She licked at my pussy as I hit the deepest reaches of rapture. I trembled there for a wondrous moment, at peace. Nothing else mattered but my futa-girlfriend. I loved her so much. My futa-girlfriend had accepted me.

As I came down from the wonderful orgasm she gave me by licking my twat, I knew that would never change, but the rest of the student body had witnessed what I had done. They had seen me cuckolding my futa-girlfriend with that awful Shelena.

I couldn’t face any of them. Not my friends. Claire, Ginny, Candice, Ase Westerberg, Lizaveta Kuznetsov, Araceli Espiosa, and Rosario Todaro must all think I was despicable. Pretending to be faithful when I was going behind Paloma’s back with Shelena.

“Oh, that was incredible,” purred Paloma. She gave my pussy another lick. “I can’t wait until I can lick a different futa’s cum out of you. I bet that will be great, but my own was delicious.”

“Yeah,” I said, my stomach twisting with inner turmoil. I glanced from the alcove. You could just see the road through a screen of trees around the edge of Rogers College. There was a city bus stop there. I could hear it approaching, its air breaks bleeding off.

I couldn’t stay here.

I bolted to my feet. “I’m sorry, Paloma. I’ll see you after classes.”

“Huh?” she asked, looking confused.

“I can’t go back to class!” Humiliation burned through me. I could never go back to class. I couldn’t face anyone but Paloma for what I did.

“What?” she asked, glancing around. She grabbed her skirt and started pulling it on. “What are you talking about?”

I bolted.

I raced out of the alcove and ran across the sidewalk. Then I was on grass again, crossing the side lawn. To my right, I could see the auditorium’s edge, the back entrance to the stage. To the left was the main parking lot brimming with cars. Ahead of me, the trees. The bus.

It had arrived at the stop. How long would it wait?

“Salome!” Paloma called after me.

I glanced back to see her pulling on her blouse as she followed, her skirt barely hanging on her waist. She was running after me, but I had a head start. Getting dressed had slowed her down. I reached the trees, holding my arms before me. The pine needles tickled as I burst through them onto the sidewalk.

The bus driver, a futa in a gray shirt and navy-blue pants, blinked at me. She had a logo that said Pierce Transit stitched on her breast. I darted inside, my small tits heaving, and gasped, “Sorry, I don’t have any money. Is that okay?”

She looked me up and down. “Just sit with your legs spread so I can enjoy that sweet pussy.” She glanced up at her mirror. “Cool?”

“Yeah,” I said, okay with flashing my twat. I sank down in a bench, spread my legs, and panted as the bus pulled away.

Paloma burst through the brush and reached the sidewalk. She stared at me through the bus window in confusion as it drove off. I closed my eyes. I could never go back to school and face what I had done. Everyone would know. It would be all over social media. My life was ruined.



My futa-mother wasn’t happy with me that I had come home early. My mother, however, intervened. So I stayed home from college the next day. My older futa-sister, already graduated and living at home while she delivered pizzas, just ignored me. It was like I had the house to myself.

For some reason, I stayed naked. I just lounged in my room. I had my phone, Paloma had brought it to me yesterday afternoon after class was over. We talked, and I think she understood why I had run. I made love to her and she licked me clean before she had dinner with my family.

All day she had texted me, but I was afraid to look at my phone. It was blowing up with notifications. Instead, I turned on my PlayStation and played the last Final Fantasy game. It should be called Futa-Band Fantasy since not a single girl was in the party, just sexy futas who looked so hot as they fought.

I wasn’t surprised when the doorbell rang and Paloma showed up.

“Why haven’t you texted me,” she said as she hugged me.

“Been ignoring my phone,” I said.

“You shouldn’t,” she said, holding me so tight. “You won’t believe it what’s going on at school.”

“I know what’s going on at school. Everyone knows I’m a cheating skank. A lying hypocrite.”

Paloma rolled her eyes. “The Program has changed things. Not being monogamous isn’t that big of a deal. Besides, everyone’s pissed at Shelena.”

“Why would they be pissed at her?” I said.

“Because she was making you have sex with her. They all see you as this brave heroine putting up with her to protect me.”

“BS,” I said. “You’re just lying to make me come back to class.”

“I wouldn’t lie,” she protested. Her hands slid down and squeezed my rump. “You know that, Salome. I’m telling the truth.”

I wavered then stiffened. “No! They all saw me fuck her. I’m never coming back to school.”

“Salome,” she groaned. I felt her futa-cock through her skirt. “They’re not going to make fun of you or think you’re disgusting. I’m telling you, the college is celebrating you. Shelena’s taking crap from everyone. Even her team has turned on her. They heard her shout that she deserved your cherry, that she was going to take it. She’s fucked.”

“And next week?” I asked. “Once this dies down, they’ll just remember me as the girl who cheated on her futa-girlfriend while pretending to be a virgin.”

“You don’t know that.” Paloma stared into my eyes. They were full of such love. “I don’t think that.”

“I know.” I kissed her. “I love you for that, but… I can’t go back You know how humiliating it is to have people know you were having sex with Shelena? That you were addicted to her cock?”

Paloma sighed. “You won’t come back. For me? I’m telling you, it won’t be like you fear.”

I bit my lips. “Listen, my futa-sister’s home. I bet she’d fuck me.” A throaty purr ran through me. “I know incest turns you on. You could watch her fuck me and then lick me clean. An incestuous creampie just for you, mi futa-florecita.”

“Madre de Diosa,” she groaned. “Mi sirenita, you’re a naughty one.”

I grinned at her. “You deserve it. So…?”

“What about the dance on Friday? I have a dress. So do you. I want to see you in it.”

“Don’t care,” I said. “I’m not going. On Friday, we can have our own dance here. Just me and you.”

She broke away from me. “I’m sorry. I’ll see you Friday night at the dance. I’ll be waiting outside for you. Or, if you come to class sooner, I’ll see you then.”

“Paloma?” I gasped, stung by her words.

She backed to the door. “I’m not going to enable you to throw away your life because you made a mistake. We all do. I’ll be with you at school. You’re my girlfriend. I love you, Salome. Nothing will change that.”

Tears spilled down my cheeks as she closed the door. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go back. Not after everyone saw me at my most disgusting. My asshole tingled. That ache for Shelena rose and rose. I could call her. Meet up with her.

Be filthy and nasty with her.

I darted up to my bedroom, grabbed my phone, and stared at it. I made such a huge mistake. I let everyone see who I really was—a girl who just wanted her own lusts satiated over anything else. I needed a dick fucking my asshole. I hadn’t had a cock all day. I found her number, my thumb hovering over it. No one would even know. She could fuck my pussy this time. Her big, Black dick could slam into my cunt.

My thumb jammed down at the screen.

To be continued…

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